Vision & Mission
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Vision and missionSince the Vinmart Group got established in 1997, our main objective has been to supply essential commodities across African countries like Zambia, Uganda, Malawi, Congo and South Africa, Burundi, Rwanda and Kenya. Over the years, we have constantly slogged towards the fulfillment of this objective. However, Vinmart has always pursued a persistent journey and a pragmatic vision, bearing in mind the emerging trends of the world economy. Lately, we have expanded our operations in the emerging markets of India, Canada, and Middle East as well. Keeping up with this trend of continuous growth and expansion, we look forward to extending to other markets across the globe in near future.

Vinmart Group is committed to delivering exceptional, premium-quality, reasonably priced products to our international and domestic customers. Our mantra for success and consistent growth has been to ensure transparency in business deals and timely delivery of premium quality goods and services at reasonable prices. We not only work hard on welcoming new prospects but also provide our allies with a platform for learning and development, thereby supporting their business and helping them grow along with us.

Our long-term vision, however, is to ensure sustainable growth for the well-being of the ecosystem in which we operate. We make constant efforts to minimize our ecological footprint by adopting sustainable practices across several areas, such as green infrastructure, natural resource replenishment, energy and water conservation, and green innovation. These principles will help us reduce our carbon footprint even while we grow our global operations in future.

Our Vision

To be a responsible and respected global player in commodities export and trading merchandise and endeavor to develop corporate activities that balance the needs of the society, environment, and the economy to ensure sustainable growth for a better tomorrow.

We plan to achieve our vision by:

  • Being system driven and by attaining the globally benchmarked standards of excellence in all our operations
  • Exploring and seizing the opportunities in emerging and developing economies across the globe
  • Nurturing an R&D mindset among employees and fostering innovation
  • Widening our product base through a well thought-out mix of inorganic and organic means
  • Ensuring a high performance work culture and attaining the highest level of employee engagement
  • Following the principles of corporate governance and being socially responsible and resource efficient.
  • Deploying cost-effective, environment friendly, and appropriate technology
  • Having a perfect blend of well educated local staff and highly experienced expat employees
  • Ensuring best price for the customers and manage the shipments well in advance against tight schedules of customers.
  • Establishing a knowledge management system that ensures development, retention and sharing of knowledge across various levels of the corporation in the most appropriate way.

Our Mission

  • To build value for our investors through the strength of our customers' satisfaction and by consistently producing superior operating results in time, while ensuring transparency in all our business dealings.
  • To maximize profits and ensure complete satisfaction of all our stakeholders – our employees, customers, allied companies, local communities, society, and the environment.
  • To understand the need of our customers and strive to provide innovative, creative, environment friendly, low-cost solutions