Since the inception of Vinmart, it has always been a priority for the shareholders to give back to surrounding communities and beyond. In a constantly changing and developing world, Africa is not only the new economic front, but a place for social innovation and contribution. We believe that community development occurs around four key pillars: Healthcare, Education,Infrastructure, and Entrepreneurship. We hope through our efforts and focus, we can continue to make long-term, impactful changes to different communities.

To focus on these efforts, we started Vinmart Foundation ( and a subsidiary, Kisengo Foundation (, which operate across different regions and work closely with communities to understand their needs and collaborate on developing projects with community members.

For Vinmart Group, CSR is just as engrained into the practices and just as important as the business functions. It is our commitment to contribute to sustainable, socio-economic development by working with employees, their families, the local communities, and society at large.

In order to increase our footprint and impact, we also work with some carefully chosen and just as dedicated non-profit partners across different sectors of the non-profit communities, ranging from orphanages and old-age homes to a wildlife sanctuary. We believe that by partnering with experts in specific sectors, we increase knowledge-sharing and final societal impact through collaboration.

Below, we’ve mentioned a brief overview on our different sectors and highlighted some of the work we have done.





Animal Care

Our efforts will continue to make the world a better place to live, for everyone !